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February 10, 2009

Forgive and Forget

I have a colleague at work making it nearly impossible to be a Christian.  She really has it out for me for numerous reasons, primarily because I abide by the teachings of the Church (and she has made it clear to me that this is problematic for her).  But she has begun to slander my name, and today I had a complete meltdown and then was filled with anger.  I trust that I have done nothing wrong to her and that she is picking on me as she is very aggressive, but I'm having so much trouble forgiving her time and time again.  I know I will forgive her, but I don't know how to forget.  Where does the forgetting come in? Is that just a contemporary phrase or did Jesus say to forget??? 

Thanks for your prayers.   

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Edith Magdalene said...

"The lady doth protesteth too much, methinks." I too, fell into anger this week -- but mine with a family member. I so badly just wanted to slam into this person with my anger! And I might have even been somewhat justified.

But anger like this consumes. I try -- often without success, to follow the example of St. Therese. When she knew that a fellow sister did not like her and made her do all the worst jobs, she embraced it and told that sister how nice it was to see her every day. Sticking to Church teaching and helping your students find their way to Truth is a vocation that will meet resistance. The evil one will do all he can to stop souls from knowing God. Be aware that this person's resistance to you is nothing more than that. And pray -- for her, her conversion.

Do not fret about her attacks because all is in the hand of God. Do not gossip about her, because then you will be on her level. You don't have to forget -- know who she is and what her objectives are. But do forgive her, forgive this person like Christ forgave from the Cross. It's so hard to do, cause I have to give myself that advice moment by moment. But take comfort in the mighty gift of fortitude:

"By the gift of Fortitude the soul is strengthened against natural fear, and supported to the end in the performance of duty. Fortitude imparts to the will an impulse and energy which move it to under take without hesitancy the most arduous tasks, to face dangers, to trample under foot human respect, and to endure without complaint the slow martyrdom of even lifelong tribulation. "He that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be saved."

That is taken from a novena prayer found here:

Just be resolute, be luminous and ask Christ to help show this person His love through you! And He will do it!!

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