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January 6, 2009

The Truth Will Set You Free

Today in class one of my students presented a current event on the USCCB's study of adults who oppose abortion. She said that the numbers (in favor of the Catholic viewpoint) had to have been grossly exaggerated. Then she took a poll of the class and worked out the percentages of people who supported or opposed abortion in different circumstances, and the numbers were the same. Truth is truth. It was a learning moment for her, so I was grateful.

However, another girl completely bashed the Church for saying that Rick Warren should not speak at the inauguration, and said that the Catholic News Agency is completely exaggerating Obama's pro-choice stance. So, I had to send a secular and a religious outline of FOCA to let her know all camps agree on what it is and what he's promised to present to Congress. Truth is truth. I pray that her heart is softened.

Mary, make us gentle women.

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Edith Magdalene said...

I will pray for your students! So many Catholics and non-Catholics alike just don't realize what Obama plans to do, and don't make the effort to do so. Bravo for honestly spelling out to your students the truth of what our future president wants to do to our future children!

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