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January 29, 2009

To Ugg or not to Ugg

Thoughs on Ugg boots (probably knock offs)? I have been very anti-Ugg for awhile, but now my feet are cold, and I'm starting to warm up to the idea (pun not intended, but I haven't had a sufficient amount of coffee).


Angela Miceli said...

I don't know, Julian. I am pretty anti-ugg myself. I certainly cannot do uggs, I am too short and look ridiculous. I am more partial to the knee high boot look with jeans tucked in - but I am too short for that and look silly too!!! I like the sleeker look and uggs are not as sleek -- though they certainly are warm!! ;-)

VinoFino said...

You know where I stand. There are other ways to keep your feet warm...don't do it!

Shannon said...

i've TOTALLY enjoyed the warmth of my uggs... they're not the prettiest but they have been very worth it!

Julian said...

Thanks so much for your advice ladies! I'm still totally torn. However, after looking at my checking account online, I decided to walk right past the department store and to a coffeehouse to buy a hot chocolate. One way or another, I'll keep warm this winter!

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