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January 15, 2009

Put a Ring on It

Sorry for not posting recently. I've been proctoring midterm exams, grading 200 essays, and lesson planning for next week. Thank goodness for a five-day weekend!

I don't particularly have an "intelligent" topic for the post, but I just wanted to provide a few thoughts. Yesterday I went to the first of two book clubs I'm in (to exercise my brain in other subjects besides theology), and I was so excited to think, banter, and work through things with my colleagues. We read Plato's Meno, which is a Socratic dialogue about the definition of virtue. It was fascinating to see how the characters worked through particular virtues in order to arrive at the essence of virtue across the board. In the end, Socrates says that virtue can neither be taught nor learned, but rather is given by "divine dispensation." I took this to mean (in the Christian tradition), how ultimately perfecting a life of virtue (for him, completely overcoming vice) is aided by divine grace. True enough, but I am still wondering if trial and error through experience might be a better, more natural, temporal, and human way of living the happy life. Anyway, my friend and I went to see Bride Wars afterwards in order to do something mindless. The script was very bad, but the dresses were stunning!

I also must admit that I am a really big fan of Beyonce's new album (not it's cover), not only because the beats are good for working out, but because many of her songs are actually empowering for women (and believe it or not she has a really great version of Ave Maria with modern lyrics about Mary throughout!). Anyway, I recommend checking it out. Though I'm a fan of the beats in hip hop and R&B, I find that the lyrics usually degrade women. Anyway, I'm ready to workout again today and feel positive about myself, my feminity, and my body. Hope you feel the same. :)

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Angela Miceli said...

I do now!! Thanks! Makes me want to check out that Beyonce album!!

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