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July 28, 2010

Yes, Humility IS a Virtue

"Pride goeth before destruction: and the spirit is lifted up before a fall." From Proverbs, chapter 16 verse 18. Pride is a funny little vice. It's one we all struggle with, even when we don't realize it. Just recently, I have realized that I was not realizing how prideful I have been! (Does that make sense...?) Or, to put it simply, I have been praying for an increase in humility, and God has answered by showing to me just how prideful I have been since I have been wallowing in myself pity.

So what can I do to remedy this situation? I think I need to remind myself to love all those who are around, starting with the closest ones. I try to remember just to smile, sincerely smile at people and say hello to them. A girl in high school once said in front of many student that my smile could make anyone's bad day melt. (I say this NOT to be prideful!! All beauty, well everything is a gift from God.) Whenever I have a down moment, I remember those words, because they encourage me to be more loving. I would like to start volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity again. I used to do so when I lived in the South, and I just fell in love with those sisters. I also had the privilege of venerating Mother Teresa's relics a couple weeks ago when they came to a local parish that houses her sisters. While there, I of course didn't feel anything, but I did ask her to pray for me as I touched my rosary made of Job's Tears to the one made of the same material that she used to pray every day. I think her intercession has opened up an avenue of light, peace, and grace to reach me.

So for now, I'll ask her to help me overcome my weaknesses and help me continue to become more humble. In the meantime, I'll reflect on her advice to me and to all of us: "Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness." Bl. Mother Teresa

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