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July 13, 2010

The Christ Centered Wedding

You are going to think that I only have Catholic friends, and I suppose you're not far off from the truth, when I tell you that I have only been to two non-Catholic weddings. Both were very traditional Protestant weddings, one Presbyterian and one Anglican.

As I was writing the card for this most recent, I found myself unsure about what to say. Typically I wish them to have a long and happy life together, with the Blessed Mother watching over them and Christ at its center. And also many children. (Say that with a little-old-lady-from-the-old-country accent.) Obviously, I couldn't call on the Blessed Mother, but could I ask that Christ be the center of their marriage and their family? Or was I stuck wishing them "all the best"? I decided to write the card at the reception.

I'm glad I waited because their wedding ceremony, and their reception, was truly Christ centered--and it was so inspiring. As Catholics, we have the Eucharist--Christ fully present and received into our hearts. But I think, unfortunately, we forget to talk about Christ. Christ, Christ's love, Christ's providence--everyone talked about this with regards to the couple. We were clearly there because in God's mercy and love, He brought this couple together. And they too were described not as the funniest people or the best people to have on a hiking trip (though they are those things too), they were described by their Christian character: humble, generous, loving.

Obviously I have been to tons of Catholic weddings, and Christ is at the heart of them all--and even with the couples who didn't care all that much, he was present in the Eucharist, our Lord, who died and suffered for us, but rose again and gave us that, the greatest of gifts--but this week I found myself wishing we hadn't lost the language and the courage to speak openly about our love for Him, and our desire for the riches of a fully realized Christian life, for ourselves, and, most of all, for the couple.

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Mandi said...

When I got married last year, I had only been to one Catholic wedding (the year before). Thank goodness that I had been to one, otherwise I would have been very confused planning my own since I would have assumed that a Catholic wedding was more like the weddings one sees on TV in the movies than what it really is!

Based on that, you would assume I have few Catholic friends, which isn't far from the truth (I don't have many non-Catholic friends either!), but it's more like I don't have any married friends. Although we are going to two wedding this year, I'd only been to three wedding total before my own.

I think Catholic weddings are beautiful, I know my own was very holy and sacred, and I have yet to experience that in a non-Catholic wedding. I have high hopes for the wedding we are going to this upcoming week though!

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