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July 6, 2010

Vacation...All I Ever Wanted

I'm blogging from the great state of New Jersey where I am technically "on vacation" for the week visiting my family and some of our extended family who all converged in the area for a wedding. All I can say is that I need a vacation after this vacation. I've already scheduled confession for 4:30 on Saturday at my parents' parish. This is not an excuse to let my mouth go free with all of the things I'm frustrated with, but rather a pre-emptive strike to remind myself that with God's grace I can start over at every moment trying to love the people that God has put right in front of me.

I remember in a graduate course on St. Augustine my professor, an Augustinian priest, said that in a little known sermon, St. Augustine speculated that God ordains our particular family members for us to take care of, since we can't take care of Christ in every person throughout the world, and this small community of family who we don't choose, is entrusted to us to be the Christ who we care for.

Okay, Lord. I get it. :)

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