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February 1, 2010

A To-the-Knee Plea


Is anyone having luck finding longer skirts or dresses this season? Everything adorable is just a little too short for work (well, for me) although they are fine for other outings. The fall and winter trend with shorter hems worked with leggings and tights, but when spring hits, I'd like a little length. Thanks for any help you can offer!


Agatha Magdalene said...

I am having such a hard time with this too! But I haven't looked much at spring fashions yet. so annoying.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE Sundance Catalog for skirts! I usually find them at excellent prices in the clearance section!

Julian said...

Thanks for the tip, Lindsay! And thanks for reading our blog. Your family is beautiful!

aawiesner said...

How about j. jill? I've never ordered from them or shopped their stores, but they look like they've got nice stuff!


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