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February 27, 2010

Heading Through the Looking-Glass

In an attempt to critically view Tim Burton's upcoming film, I've decided that my next novel is going to be Alice in Wonderland (and most likely Through the Looking-Glass) by Lewis Carroll. I figure that it will be a nice break from the heavy mental and emotional-lifting that I do while reading for my theology and bioethics courses at school, and really, it's about time that I start tackling the books I own instead of continuing to buy more! As a sidenote, I am not so much looking forward to another creepy Johnny Depp performance as I am to seeing Mia Wasikowska portray Alice. She played Sophie in the first season of the HBO series In Treatment, and she blew me away!

1 comment:

Agatha Magdalene said...

This is my second favorite children's novel and definitely on my top ten list of all novels of all time. I am so excited you're reading it!

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