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February 2, 2010

The Feminine Genius: Cooking!

I don't think John Paul II had this in mind when he was crafting the Theology of the Body, but I'd be happy to add an addendum should the editors ever ask. :) I think that one of the richest gifts a woman has is the ability to nurture the other, whether that person is a friend, sibling, spouse, boyfriend, child, or parent. There is something authentically unique about the way a woman cooks. We do it, whether consciously or not, with the intention of caring for the other. We can do it without huge grilling tools, too.

For the single lady, dinner can be a frustrating time. Work is over, you're back in your apartment, it's generally late, and if you're like me, you're spending the time either alone or with the characters of Seinfeld on syndication. But supper doesn't need to be something quick and easy or grab-and-go all of the time. Even if you don't have a spouse, you have someone to nurture -- yourself. I really encourage single ladies to practice the art of cooking if for nothing else than to take care of yourself in mind and body. And in the end, if you are not comfortable with your single life, at least start with the intention of practicing a few good meals that you can consistently make well before you meet Mr. Right. My married friends say that he'll thank you.

Agatha bought me a book called Solo Suppers last year, and while the title depressed me at first, I am really enjoying crafting my culinary skills with these recipes. The author, Joyce Goldstein, offers recommendations about "shopping for one and stocking your pantry" if you're a regular party-of-one, and I find them particularly practical. The most helpful part of all though, is her discussion on what to do with leftovers (in addition to simply reheating them). I highly recommend this book!

I will begin posting successful, gluten-free recipes in upcoming posts with more meditations on authentic femininity in the kitchen!

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