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February 4, 2010

Red-Carpet Ready

I had an idea for a Profound and Important Post...but it is gone. So, pop-culture will have to suffice. More specifically: fashion. Most specifically: awards show fashion.

It's award season again, and that means we get to feast our eyes on any number of gorgeous dress that we will never be able to wear (let alone have a reason to do so), and hideous dresses that people couldn't pay us to wear. I'll leave you to peruse the hideous ones over at the brilliant and funny Go Fug Yourself blog. Here are some of the pretty/elegant/ladylike dresses worn at recent awards:

Diane Kruger's SAG dress is almost a lovely as her Golden Globe dress.

Who doesn't want to be Tina Fey? What a woman.

She ended up on a lot of worst-dressed lists, but I thought January Jones was adorable at the Golden Globes.

This is Lea Michele, who, I understand, is in Glee. I have never seen her, or Glee. I have also never seen anyone wear a nude-colored dress so well. It takes guts to pull something like this off, and I think she's got guts.

I'm not going to lie. Cameron Diaz is becoming a fashion favorite. Adorable.

Amy Adams, I didn't think you could glow anymore...and then you got pregnant. Gorgeous.

Ok, so Carey Mulligan's dress wasn't amazing...though I love this obsession with salmon pink...but this broach on her was waist was adorable!

(Are there any favorites that I missed?)

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