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August 28, 2009

"Our Hearts are Restless Until They Rest in Thee"

Today is the feast of St. Augustine, who is so very dear to me. Indeed, I spent the summer in his homeland -- the place where he got into most of his trouble as a young man. In college, I spent a semester reading as many of his books and books about him as humanly possible. He has formed me so much! So, I wish you all a very happy feast of St. Augustine. May he intercede for you in all of your intentions - and we especially ask him to pray for Christians in his homeland.

If you have never read any Augustine, I would suggest starting with his Confessions. I'll leave you with a quote from it:

Who am I and what am I? What was not evil in my deeds, or if not my deeds, in my words or, if not my words, in my intention? But you, Lord, are 'good and merciful.' Your right hand had regard to the depth of my dead condition, and from the bottom of my heart had drawn out a trough of corruption. The nub of the problem was to reject my own will and to desire yours. But where through so many years was my freedom of will? From what deep and hidden recess was it called out in a moment? Thereby I submitted my neck to your easy yoke and my shoulders to your light burden, O Christ Jesus 'my helper and redeemer.'

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