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August 24, 2009

Life in the Fast(ing) Lane

So, I'm in a real spiritual drought. Seriously, it's too much information for one post, but I'm having trouble turning to the Lord in prayer these days, asking for things that I need (or at least what I think my needs are). I have a long history of doing this, and it's getting old. However, in order to think of Christ on a daily basis, I want to be doing something, anything, little things, throughout the day even if I'm having trouble talking to Him.

One thing I have been encouraged to do is to fast from things for the Lord and to make Him small offerings during the day to bring my attention to Him and to His sacrifice for me. As some of you know, I am highly allergic to a lot of food, and so mortification at the lunch and dinner table is pretty much out (and I'm seriously no saint who can literally fast from all food!). Do you have any ideas about things I can abstain from during the day? I'm so uncreative, it's not funny!



Margaret Perry said...

i read about a great little sacrifice in (the wonderful book) Swimming with Scapulars: Every time he took a shower he would turn the cold water on for the last 30 seconds, and pray a memorare.

That would be tough. But good.

Edith Magdalene said...

Think of Therese of Liseaux and the "Little Way." She just offered small things throughout the day, for example there was a nun who did not like her -- and Therese went out of her way to be sincerely nice to her. You could just offer up a smile to someone who might not be the nicest person. Another thing is just think of things you love, and perhaps fast from those. We have a woman in our prayer group who absolutely adores lotion. But once a week, she 'fasts' from putting on lotion as her offering to the Lord! Just get creative!! Love and prayers!

fabulous said...

There's a great book I am reading, and will be helping out with a prayer group for moms with - "The Better Part."

It's a lengthy book on the Gospels. But it gives great mediation on the Gospel passage with Christ as the Friend, Teacher, and our Lord. Meditating a little a day, maybe in btwn class periods, could help:) Just a thought.

Julian said...

Thank you so much...all SO helpful. Wouldn't you know that I had every intention of turning on the cold water in the shower tonight after the gym and before a happy hour, but I by the end of it, I completely forgot. I think I need to work on attention span, too :)

Julian said...

Thank you again for your help. I'm finding it much easier to fast this week for my intentions!

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