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March 13, 2009

On Being Critical

Do you ever notice how women are so critical? For example, just the other day, I was looking at my blemishes close up in a mirror thinking how awful I must look, but when I stepped back to see myself, I realized that I actually looked quite lovely. Why are we women so critical -- not only of others, but also of ourselves? We are always quick to compare ourselves to others, their looks, their accomplishments, their clothes, shoes, friends -- everything! I was thinking about Julian's recent post about being down on herself and I could so relate to it!!! I am sure men struggle with this in their own way too, but women can be so judgmental and critical of themselves that they fail to see their goodness. I'm at a loss! What do you suggest to get out of being overly-critical and judgmental?

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Julian said...

Thank you for posting about this, Edith. Ugh, I HATE these feelings. Isn't it funny that when you stepped back from the mirror you actually realized how beautiful you were? I wish I had the answer as to why we criticize ourselves so much. I don't think there is a morning when I leave the house thinking that I am beautiful. Each day I greet myself with, "You're bloated, you look exhausted, your skn is gross." No matter what I weigh, everyday I wake up determined to lose weight. Every single day! It's absurd.

I know that if God sees any blemishes he sees the internal ones. And yet I dont focus as much on dealing with those. I tend to think that if I can control how I look, I can control how my life will go. Weird, but true. Maybe letting go and letting God is the answer. After all, these bodies are His creation, and our lives are His to direct. Easier said than done.

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