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March 30, 2009

Papa Don't Preach

...80's Madonna song as well as the hurtful cry of so many to our Holy Father after his trip to Africa... 

These past few months the pope has taken quite a verbal beating from people all over the world: some secular who simply do not understand the good news, and some Christian who did not inform themselves as to what the Holy Father has been saying in actuality.  Here is some support for the pontiff from a researcher at Harvard about AIDS prevention.   

Sisters, let's pray for our shepherd who challenges us to be better persons and to humanize our sexuality by recognizing it as both love and responsibility. 


Shannon said...


Margaret Perry said...

There is am amazing about of research supportng the Holy Father's statements. The best I know is Dr. Edward C. Green, the head of Harvard's Aid Prevention Center:

But the Holy Father's statements are right besides science, and I wish more people would talk about this: condoms are at best a stop gap, but good morality greatly reduces your risk. That's too tough a pill to swallow, it seems.

Additionally, I find it incredibly presumptuous to just throw money and technology at the problem, instead of getting to know the people and treat them as individuals. Churches (Catholic and otherwise) do this through ministry. Seems much more humane to me.

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