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March 28, 2009

The Catholic Colbert Report

I'm a huge fan of Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report - not only because he has me in side-splitting laughter, but because he's a great example of how practicing Catholics can break into the media and do good work for the population they target.  And in Colbert's case, that's a heck of a large viewing audience. 

I recently came across the blog Catholic Colbert.  Be sure to watch the video on the homepage with Fr. James Martin, SJ, author of My Life with the Saints (an awesome read!).  The clip is about finding God during the economic crisis, and it makes me laugh everytime I watch it.   I think Fr. Martin is onto something, too.  I just spoke with a Dominican priest yesterday who told me that vocation numbers have been steadily on the rise for the past two years, and they are expected to increase given the period of recession (apparently this is a pattern throughout history)! 

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