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December 2, 2009

A Lovely Tale of Requited Love

This past weekend, in the New York Times, there was a piece entitled, "Would My Heart Outrun Its Pursuer?" which naturally jumped out at me. Though I was expecting something that was placed in the "modern love" section of the paper to be odd, what emerged was a beautiful story of unexpected, unhoped-for love between two persons. I like it for many reasons: it touches on the question of the male-female friendship that we sisters have enjoyed discussing; it speaks about following your heart instead of your head; most poignantly, it explores the fact that we can feel so undeserving of love but sometimes, just sometimes, love finally makes us stop pushing it back and let it in.

Go ahead and read it. It's beautiful.


Grace in my Heart said...

AWESOME article- I totally LOVED it! Thanks for sharing! :)

Angela Miceli said...

It's're right!!

Margaret Perry said...


Shannon said...

I just read this... OH. I loved it. Thank you thank you!

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