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June 9, 2009

Summer Project #1: Purging the Closet

As a teacher I'm rewarded with a few months off in the summertime to relax.  However, I don't do well with "down time," so I've created several "to do" lists for myself, which span from reading lists, sightseeing destinations around the city, improving my teaching lessons/keeping current on material, and home organization.  The latter is the most pressing as I look around my room, and so I'll start there.  

Every single gal needs to purge her closet(s).  I'm sure the statue of limitations on how long one should go before doing it anew varies from girl to girl, but let's face it, there are certain things that we really can live without.  I'm going to take a little tour of my closet and see what needs to go: 

1.  Shoes.  First of all, I need to organize them by season.  There's no need for me to grab my knee-high black boots this time of year.  My second goal is to say goodbye to the shoes that are worn beyond repair.  Now, when I wear shoes, I wear shoes.  Mine rarely last beyond a season because I only ever buy a few, relatively practical and classic pairs for work that also carry me into the nightlife. This continual usage combined with standing for 6 hours straight as a teacher and walking in a major metropolitan city pretty much means wear and tear on the heal, the sole, and the width of the foot.  My goal is to part with the shoes that I simply can't wear for the next fall/winter season, and to make a list of the colors and styles I'll seek at summer's end.  I'm toying with the idea of having one of them repaired.  Any suggestions on when to say goodbye versus holding onto hope? 

2. T-shirts and gym clothes.  I have ENTIRELY too many of these, and as a single woman in an apartment, there simply is not enough room for them.  I don't know why I'm holding onto so many, because only two old t-shirts have sentimental value, and I rarely pull out about 2/3 of my shirts and shorts for running or going to the gym.  It's time to donate those or make them into dusting rags (thanks, Mom).  

3.  Bridesmaid dresses.  Now, I don't have a collection of 27, but I do have quite a handful.  I really don't care what anyone says, but you do not wear these again (and who ever shortens the long ones?).  Let's face it - if you were to wear one again so some hypothetical fancy event, wouldn't you think that everyone knew you were wearing a bridesmaid dress?  I know men don't understand why this matters, but it does.  My memories of the weddings are in my head as long as I have the capacity to remember, and even if that goes, I have plenty of pictures.  Time to donate them to young girls in need of prom dresses, no? 

4.  Skinny jeans (or "fat" jeans).   No, not the style of jeans, but those clothes that fit into the category of "When I lose 10 pounds or if I happen to gain 10 pounds I'll wear these again."I really only think that women need two, maybe three pieces that fit into either of these categories.  The average twenty-something is probably going to be steady in her weight as long as she is active and working.  Those jeans that I wore at college orientation didn't need to account for the childbearing hips that I've since accrued by age 25.  Even if they are only a size or two smaller, my body's shape has drastically changed into that of a woman (from that of a teenager).  Even if I happen to lose weight (and I do fluctuate), I still need to buy clothes that will flatter a figure with different dimensions.    

5.  Trendy pieces.  Trends change faster than they ever did.  In the Twitter Age, it's hard to keep up with just about anything.  My personal rule is to continue to buy classic pieces that never go out of style, and to only spend $15-20 on an occasional trendy piece of clothing.  Those pieces take up entirely too much space in my closet or in my dresser (including some of those "puffed sleeve" blouses from two seasons ago.  I loved them so much, but I'd look ridiculous wearing one out today).  I think it's best to dress up classic clothes with fun jewelry than to waste time or money on pieces that will be history by the time I get to the register to purchase them.  

That's it for now.  Other suggestions are welcome! 


Margaret Perry said...

1) fix the heel, if thats the only thing worn. otherwise, toss em.
2)dusting rags--great idea!
3)i've got to do this too...I keep missing the season for it though.
4) must throw away now!

sounds like a trip to goodwill is in order...

Bridget said...

Haha! :)

A very dear friend proved just how dear she is, recently, by volunteering to help me purge my apartment of excess...most everything, clothes included. Some observations:

1) Shoes -- save them if they are redeemable after a trip to a shoe shop; pitch them if they kill your feet. You know when shoes have "died," your feet tell you.

2) I thought I was the only one! Where did they all *come from!*

3) I've re-worn one really expensive, really beautiful dress, but the others need to go. Too bad I decided that *right after* prom. Hmph.

4) It's such an ego deflation to me to give up those jeans I could wear in college! :(

5) Agreed. And puffed sleeves are out (!) Thanks for the head's up.

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