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June 14, 2010

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

That seems to be my mantra these days, and readers, I AM SICK OF MELANCHOLY! I need more help! Ok, so please oblige me, readers. Just let me get it all out. I am home in the Chicago suburbs, which I find dismal, I wanted to be married to someone who turned out to be totally wrong and I still don't understand and I'm still not over it, I don't have any friends here to speak of save my family of course, it's always gray, I cannot find work, and I cannot find any motivation on my dissertation. I look at myself in the mirror and think, "This is not how I saw my life at this time." This morning, I stayed in bed until almost 10 AM simply because I COULD. Ok, so poor, poor, pitiful me. I'll let the world's smallest violin play my sad song.

I don't like to be the girl who always complains and is miserable and it does not do my temperament any justice. I am trying to get to the city to find a good, solid group of young Catholics (they have to exist, right?), but nothing seems to be coming avail. So I am taking dance classes, fitness classes, and I think I am going to take up sewing. And I cook a lot. But I need more. I need to be around people my age in my situation in life. Any suggestions? I promise I'll try not to be so melancholy, but it is still a struggle :-).


Margaret Perry said...

First: don't be too hard on yourself. This year was awful and hard and that is a lot to recover from. I know you're an active vibrant person, and it's hard to dealw ith this melancholy and lack of inertia, but you also shouldn't be impatient. You've come a long way, and that's amazing.

I don't know what to suggest for community, except that there must be a Theology on Tap or something like that in Chicago. If not, since you have free time but aren't doing anything with it because you can't motivate yourself, maybe you should colunteer for something: work with the little sisters of the poor, or with vincent de paul or habitat for humanity. You need to meet people and talk with people and do real concrete things, and that could be a wonderful opportunity.

love and prayers!

Kevin said...

My summer assignment is to volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity vacation bible school in the Bronx, NY for July and the first week of August.

You could come do that if you want to seriously shake things up for yourself!

VinoFino said...

Edith, I know some awesome Catholic people in my hometown of the Chi! Have Julian give you my email and I'll try to introduce you!!!

E. B. said...

I second Maggie. Be gentle with yourself; let Jesus love you. Trust that He will send just the right people your way, exactly when you most need to meet them.

I only have one friend in Chicago - Sr. Yesenia, an energetic, young Franciscan sister from Peru who I think you would just love! Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with her... Perhaps now that I've been reminded that you're so near one another I should plan a visit? :)

Love and miss you dearly - be assured of my prayers.

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