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April 19, 2010

St. Francis de Sales and Anxiety

For anyone suffering from worry or anxiety, or attempting to control something that might be out of their control, I offer the following from a dear saint:

After sin, anxiety is the worst thing that can afflict a soul. It is the result of a strong desire to escape a present evil or to reach a desired goal. But anxiety increases the pain and prevents the attainment. Birds that are caught in nets flap and flutter wildly in an effort to escape, but they only become more thoroughly trapped. When you want to get out of a bad situation and go to a good one, be sure you are calm and deliberate. I am not recommending carelessness, but an unhurried, untroubled approach to solving your problems. Without this, you may make a mess of things and have even more difficulty.

At the first sign of anxiety, pray to God. Talk with your spiritual director or some other friend. Sharing your grief unburdens your soul. It is the best remedy for anxiety.

-- St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life


Margaret Perry said...

you're the best, J.

tk said...

thanks Elise. i needed to read this entry today.

hope all is well

p.s. you're a Godsend for those young women!

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