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April 20, 2010

Bristol Palin's Abstinence Commercial

When I heard about this commercial in the political gossip column of our local newspaper, I was really quite surprised. This seemed entirely wrong headed. Now that I see it, I must agree with Mr. Archibold (of Creative Minority Report) that it is not sending the right message. Or, that the right message is lost in everything else. This could be Jamie Lynn Spears saying "I'm rich and Famous so abstinence doesn't matter to me" and it would be about as effective.



Grace in my Heart said...

I didn't like it. I understand what she's saying- pause before you play- but what if some young girl sees that ad who didn't pause, is pregnant, and not rich and famous? The girl would see that bleak picture at the end and probably think about abortion. Yikes!

Jennie said...

It struck the wrong chord with me as well. It makes it seem like having a baby would mean the end of everything for a young girl in that position. I agree with Grace in my Heart that a girl watching this ad would probably consider abortion to be the best alternative. Sad.

Gardenia said...

I didn't like it. the message could have been far better if Bristol would've just said, abstain until marriage. instead she said, before you dave intercourse, "Pause." Without trying to sound offensive at all here, I think someone could easily interpret that to mean pause to insert/apply birth control. because there are ambiguous messages, I think the ad campaign failed.

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