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March 23, 2011

Hello, Hemlines

Well, thank the Dear Lord. Designers are showcasing longer hemlines that are not only more modest, but definitely more figure-flattering for the normal-sized woman. I've got to be honest. The past few spring and summer seasons have been tough. I have loved the feminine details that are emerging...the flowers, petals, jewels, and ruffles that made their way onto dresses and cardigans...but the hemlines were significantly above the knee, making tights nearly always a necessity. Let's be honest...who wants to wear leggings or tights in the summer? Not me. And if you're like me, the lower part of your leg is an asset, while the upper should remain hidden all year round. And even though designers really embraced defining the waist, which is flattering for every woman, the hemlines still crept higher and higher.

While I've been on spring break, I've been flipping through magazines, watching What Not to Wear, and getting myself to the stores with sales, riding this trend of longer hemlines and loving every minute of it. Even pants are starting to get a higher waist and a more flattering line down the leg. Throw out those board shorts from the past years ladies, because sleek, Audrey Hepburn-like pants that grace the ankle are back in. I would say the big A word to celebrate, but it's Lent, so...Praise the Lord!

My picks for dresses:

I bought this one!

I want this one.

Next paycheck.

My picks for skirts:

Everything you could ever want.


Hello, beautiful.

My picks for tops and accessories:


Random, but fun.
Love scarves!


Margaret E. Perry said...

you're adorable. and so are the clothes!

becksterslaboratory said...

Yes! I love seeing that more modest styles are coming back - I especially love those dresses and that long Anthropologie skirt - SO cute!


priest's wife said...

I like your picks- now, does an a-line, just below the knee denim skirt exist?

Jane said...

Have you ever checked out this website: ?

They have tons of cute dresses and skirts. A lot of them are fairly affordable, though some are expensive. Also, for less than $10, they'll make most of the skirts and dresses longer for you, or change the sleeves on a dress or blouse--no more groans of "that's so cute but not quite modest." Of course, you can't try things on from a website, but if you know what kinds of silhouettes flatter you that's not such a problem.

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