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December 20, 2010


I haven't had much to say in recent weeks. It's not because work was busy (it was), or that social commitments were abounding (they were). I just haven't wanted to make time to write, as I didn't think I had anything profound or really important or interesting to say. But this morning I just wanted to. So, here goes.

I was over at Agatha's the other day, eating a most wonderful wintry dinner, and we were talking about life (as per usual). Agatha commented that our life situations hadn't really changed since this time last year, and I agreed. We're both still working at the same jobs, both still friends with the same people, no big ruptures or marriages or anything in our families, and, as per the subject of this blog, we're both still single. It made me think about whether or not I really had anything to contribute to this conversation anymore, if my life seemed to be following the "status quo." But this morning I decided that yes, the status quo is fine, because status quo doesn't mean stagnant. Much of the liturgical calendar is filled with "ordinary time," and if that is my life right now, then so be it. The ordinary parts of the life of a single person...working, providing for oneself, dating (crazy people, I might add!), deepening friendships, and growing with the Lord over seemingly insignificant (but in reality, heroic) things is just what we should be talking about.

My 2011 already looks like a promising one. Is my husband around the corner? Oh, who the heck knows. But I am going to take a course in Denver this summer on Salvation History to beef up my knowledge, I'm taking 30 girls to World Youth Day in Madrid, I'm going to welcome my first niece or nephew into the world, and I'm going to turn 27 --- a great age, if I do say so myself. It feels more distinguished than 26...don't know why, but it does, and several friends agree :) The upcoming year is sure to be filled with the mundane...grading, making dinner for one out of the contents of the fridge, paying bills, etc. But I know I will find the Lord in it all, because I did this year.


Gardenia said...

it sounds like a wonderful year upcoming, and a holy attitude to go with it! blessed advent.

Shannon said...

oh, I love you.

Maria said...

I'm glad you talk about the ordinary daily events of the single person. :-) That's why I read your blog. It's encouragining to hear from other Catholic single gals who are heroically following the Lord in the mundane rythmns of life.

Aaron said...

Watch out: The year I turned 27 I passed my comprehensive exams, was the best man in a wedding, taught a graduate course, bought a car (for the first time) and got married. Big things could be in store! :-)

But you're absolutely right that the "small" things are often just as big, if only we had the eyes to see it.

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