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October 16, 2010

Blasted Nature

You know that song "I Enjoy Being a Girl" Here it is just in case:
I pretty much feel this way sans the seductive looks and dancing in lingerie, but give me pink, frills, poofs, and curls any day!

But other days, I just want to be a metaphysical rebel - like rebel against the very metaphysics of being a woman. Seriously - why do I have to be hung up on the feeling of being loved and loving someone else? Women, I believe, experience this in a way totally different from men. I believe that our desire to be loved by that "brave and free male" that our lovely lady above sings about is so utterly and metaphysically female. And I hate/love it! I hate it because of my previous experiences this year, as you might guess. I hate not being able to shut off my emotions sometimes and I just want to rebel.

Does anyone else feel a little split like me, or am I just one of the crazies? Probably the latter....So perhaps you might be able to give me some suggestions!


Lianna said...

No, you are not crazy! It is definitely a woman thing to be hung up on wanting to be loved...Have you read "Captivating?" I think you would benefit and like it. GOD is the one we need to be hung up on loving...Perhaps someday another will come along and love us immensely, but God is the One to ultimately seek! You don't need to work hard to get Him to love you...Because He already does and always will!


fabulous said...

I was going to suggest the same book, great suggestion! So true. It is really worth the read, it will speak volumes to your heart.

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