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September 9, 2010

Radical Feminism + Motherhood

This article, written by Rebecca Walker, the daughter of feminist writier and author of The Color Purple, Alice Walker, is a real eye-opener.

"How my mother's fanatical feminist views tore us apart" tells of Rebecca Walkers joy in having a son, her mothers hateful dismissal of her grandson, and the backwards childhood of the daughter of a feminist icon. It is fascinating, hard, sad, and revealing:
But the truth was I was very lonely and, with my mother's knowledge, started having sex at 13. I guess it was a relief for my mother as it meant I was less demanding. And she felt that being sexually active was empowering for me because it meant I was in control of my body.

Now I simply cannot understand how she could have been so permissive. I barely want my son to leave the house on a play-date, let alone start sleeping around while barely out of junior school.

A good mother is attentive, sets boundaries and makes the world safe for her child. But my mother did none of those things.

Although I was on the Pill - something I had arranged at 13, visiting the doctor with my best friend - I fell pregnant at 14. I organised an abortion myself. Now I shudder at the memory. I was only a little girl. I don't remember my mother being shocked or upset.

...I know many women are shocked by my views. They expect the daughter of Alice Walker to deliver a very different message. Yes, feminism has undoubtedly given women opportunities. It's helped open the doors for us at schools, universities and in the workplace. But what about the problems it's caused for my contemporaries?

...The ease with which people can get divorced these days doesn't take into account the toll on children. That's all part of the unfinished business of feminism.

Wow. Read it all here. (HT: TMS reader Paul)


La Italiana said...

This is so fascinating to me.

fabulous said...

Thank you for posting! This is such a great read & so glad she spoke out against 'radical feminism' and its affects!

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