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December 22, 2008


Edith, great post.  I'm mulling over the Carrie Bradshaw thoughts (and thinking about styles of shoes), but I wanted to make sure that I commented on the final quote from Edith Stein, who is always so in tune with human nature.  I think that Elizabeth, cousin of the Blessed Virgin, embodies this desire for perfection in others.  So often we think of Mary at Christmas when we celebrate her "yes" to the Lord (as we rightfully should since all of salvation hangs in the balance!).  But I think that Elizabeth also teaches us what it means to be a woman and a follower of Christ.  She recognizes Mary no longer as a younger relative, but as the mother of her Redeemer.  She knows that she herself will give birth to the one who will announce the Good News.  She has the responsibility of rearing John who will proclaim the Incarnation and the Good News.  Elizabeth is a model of humility, foregoing jealousy, and the practice of domesticity.  We, like Elizabeth, should welcome the Virgin into our hearts as we welcome her Son under our own roof (in the Christmas Eucharist).  We, like Elizabeth, should prepare ourselves and those around us for the continual Incarnation of Christ.  We are daughters of God, adopted daughters of Mary, and sisters to Elizabeth.  Here is a basis of our womanhood, even if it still remains a mystery.  

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