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August 12, 2011

Julian's Update

This summer has flown by. I only have a few updates, but I think they are worth noting for upcoming conversations:

1. I spent late spring and most of summer dating a boy-man (although I didn't know he was a boy-man at the outset). And I just ended things with the boy-man. *Note to boy-men: if you do not intend to pursue a woman romantically, but only platonically, please do not kiss her every time you see her, bring her gifts from your travels, and engage in a daily conversation with her. She's going to think you like her as more than friends.

2. God's grace has been abundant in my life. Last week's Sunday homily was about seeking God in "the storm" (the reading was about Peter on the boat in the storm). The priest said simply, "If you look for God in the storm, you'll find Him. If you don't, you won't." It's been immensely helpful. I'm getting amazing things from Scripture every time I pray with it. Our Lord is so good and generous in giving us words when we don't have them.

3. I'm off to Spain with 26 students and 3 colleagues for World Youth Day! Please pray for our safety and for the openness of all of our hearts to Christ's call for us. I will keep you all in my prayers and sacrifices.

All for now. Keep on keepin' on.



Jennie said...

Oh so sorry to hear about the boy-man (love that phrase btw), there are simply too many of those guys running around these days. Yuck.

Have a fabulous time in Spain! I'm sure it will be wonderful. And maybe you'll meet a handsome Spaniard man-man;)

God Bless!

surfingbridge said...

Hi Julian,
We haven't heard any news from any of you in such a long time. Very interested to read any future posts you make :)
God bless you lovely Sisters xoxo

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